Welcome to our first blog!

In this blog article we are going to review all things permits related to assist you with developing your campsite, within the bylaws of the RM of Dufferin 190. It sounds hard, but once we review the following information we are hoping it will be a simple process.


  • If less than 100 SF: No development permit or building permit required
  • If greater than 100 SF and height is below 600 mm (2 ft): Development Permit required, No Building Permit Required
  • If greater than 100 SF and height is above 600 mm (2 ft): Development Permit required, Building Permit Required

If you have a roof over the deck, your deck requires piles not just deck blocks.

Sheds 100 SF or less

  • Do not require a permit
  • Must follow setback requirements from the RM.
  • Sheds and structures larger than 100 SF require permits.


  • Do not require a permit.
  • Must be 20 feet off the front of the property line and can be ON the side and rear property lines.
  • The RM of Dufferin #190 bylaw is grey when it comes to fences in Lakeshore Residential zoned districts.  Please use the following as a guide:

“Typically, fences are around perimeters of residential properties are limited to 6’ and typically located on the sides and back of property locations.  Having said this there are fences in front yards, but owners should be cautioned to allow for appropriate site lines in and out of the property to road allowances so not to create access / egress hazards.  It would be mindful then to consider shorter heights for any fencing being thought of for front yard areas.” -RM of Dufferin #190


  • Must be on Skids
  • Restricted in size to 2% of your lot size, to a maximum of 250 SF
  • You require a development permit and a building for a bunkhouse


If you require permits, here are the steps for you need to complete:

  1. Create a site plan (a map of your site with all the dimensions on where everything is located). Please use the exact dimension of your site, found on the condo site plans here: Northshore Resort – Buffalo Pound – Condo Site Plan
  2. Download and fill out this a development permit – found here: http://rmofdufferin190.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/DEVELOPMENT-PERMIT-APPLICATION-FORM-2021.pdf
  3. Download and fill out this building permit – found here: https://buildtechinspections.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/BT-Permit-Application-Form-Generic.pdf
  4. No work can commence until the RM has provided you approval.

Site Plan Requirements

The key points to consider in creating your plan are the setback distances:

  • Minimum Front Yard – 20ft
  • Minimum Side Yard – 5ft if building material is fire rated (non-flammable), 10 feet if your building isn’t
  • Minimum Back Yard – 20ft

The setback distances apply to any permanent or non-permanent structure, including your RV or trailer. When you draw your site plans please ensure they are the same shape as the physical lot and include all the setback distances from each structure, permanent or not. Please also include the measurements and materials of all proposed developments such as decks and sheds. A building permit application will also be required if the proposed deck is above 600 mm ground level. It is important to include as much detail as possible to ensure the timely approval of your development permit.

The cost of the development permit application is $100 and will be incurred by you, the tenant. The fee will be invoiced to you upon submission of your application to the RM. The cost of the building permit application (if required) ranges between $100-$150 and will be incurred by you, the tenant. Building permit applications can be submitted by you, the tenant, directly to BuildTech Inspections.

Please email your development site plans and any questions that you may have to our resort manager at buffalopound@glampingrvresorts.com. It will be reviewed and submitted to the RM on your behalf (you will be cc’d on the application). We are committed to working with you and the RM to ensure your site at Northshore Resort is your home away from home.

For a full list of RM fee guide – please visit  http://rmofdufferin190.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Planning-Fee-Schedule-Bylaw-2021-04.pdf

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email buffalopound@glampingrvresorts.com and we will be available to assist you!