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How many acres is this resort?
The total resort is 600 Acres, 320 acres are on the side of the valley.
If I purchase, do I own title?
YES!! At Northshore Resort all of our properties are individually titled through a Bare Land Condominium.
What is your smallest site size?
50 feet wide by 100 feet deep.
What Amenities do you have?
  • Dual loading boat launch
  • Owned Marina (slips available for $4,000 + taxes, annual maintenance fees to install & remove slips)
  • Sandy public beach capable of about 75 people
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Washroom Building
  • Adventure Playground with Zip Line
  • Internet
  • Horseshoe’s
  • Boccie Ball
  • Community fire pit area
  • Kids pump track for BMX bikes
  • Kids entry level dirt bike track on top of the valley (1/2 mile long)
  • 10+ km of walking paths
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Berry Picking
  • Tremendous Birding & Stargazing
  • Canada Day Celebrations & Fireworks show!
  • Lot’s of events and exploring for the family!
  • FOR RENT – Kayak, Paddle Board, Golf Cart, Pontoon boat, Fishing boats, Ski boat, Sea-doo’s
What are the Resort Services?

Power: All sites (Lakefront and Lakeview RV Sites) are serviced with 200 Amp Power and are individually metered

To set up your account, please call Sask Power at 1-888-757-6937 with your lot address (like – 17 Northshore Resort) and Sask Power Meter Number that is posted on the meter panel.

Water: Like all other developments on buffalo Pound Lake, we haul water into each site.

Sewer: Like all other developments on Buffalo Pound Lake, we haul our sewer to a disposal facility.

Olson & Son’s Services is contracted to provide water & sewer.
Olson’s can be reached at 306-630-4773

Gas: No natural gas available.

Telephone: We have 4G LTE coverage on our entire development.

Internet: Available through Wood River Controls or Starlink

Dock: We have a blanket approval in place for the entire resort to install docks

Shoreline: Permit required

Are golf carts, ATV’s and Side by Sides allowed on the campground?

Yes. Operators must be 16 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license. All such vehicles must be registered at the Owner Office, with site numbers posted on the cart, and can only be operated on specified roads.

Golf Carts & Pedal Bikes are allowed on all resort paths.

ATV’s & UTV’s operated by drivers over 16 years of age or older are permitted on all condo corporation roads.

ATV’s & UTV’s are NOT allowed to be operated by anyone under the age of 16 on the roads.

Dirt Bikes & other motorized vehicles operated by anyone under 16 are ONLY allowed on specific identified paths & the track on top of the valley. 

Use of all ATV’s, UTV’s, Dirt Bikes only permitted between 9am and dusk.

Use of Golf Carts past dusk must have drivers OVER 16 years of age and be well lite with headlamps as to not cause any risk driving in the dark.

Is their laundry facilities and public washroom with showers?

Yes, there is a public washroom in Phase #2, Phase #3, & Pool ( washrooms open to residents with access)

Laundry is coming in the PH #3 washroom building.


Can we make site improvements?

Absolutely. Site improvements can be made at the Owner’s expense. Things such as fence, decks, trees, grass, rock are allowed, but natural landscaping must make up greater than 60% of your total site area. The combination of your camper, deck and shed cannot be greater than 40% of your total site area.

Is their tax on top of the purchase price?

Yes, there will be GST on top of the purchase price.

Are there Management fees?

Yes, Management fees go towards maintaining the roads, washroom facilities, public beach, boat launch and any other amenities within the property.

For Lakeview RV Lots, the Management fees are $50 / month or $600 / year

For Lakefront Lots, the Management fees are $100 / month or $1,200 / year

Are there property taxes?

Yes, taxes on all lots are paid directly to the RM of Dufferin 190.


Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed on site but must be on leash at all times. They are not allowed in public structures or buildings, on beaches on in swimming areas. Clean up promptly after your dog.

Are there any trees?

Yes! We have lots with trees and lots without trees. In addition, we encourage residents to plant additional trees on your lot and make it your oasis!

What is the road like coming into the property? Is it maintained by the RM or privately?

We are located on the northside of the lake, approximately 8 km from the K+S turn off on Highway #2 (739 Grid). Northshore Resort signs are up along Highway #2 and along the grid roads directing you right into Northshore Resort.

The road into our resort is all gravel and maintained long-term by the RM of Dufferin 190.

The roads in the resort are maintaniened in house, Lakefront is a 4 season road.

Is there more than one exit and where is the nearest fire response coming from?

Yes, we have multiple exit’s from the property. In an emergency, we can exit west into Northgrove, or north out of Northshore Resort (the main entrance). Alternatively, we have 600 acres of land on a mile and a half of lakefront, which, in an emergency, could be accessed through the fields.

Is the water potable and is there full hook-up for RV’s?

Yes, all water that is hauled by Olson’s and Son’s is potable water.

Can we have other buildings on our lot?

Yes. Outbuildings must be within your site boundaries & setbacks and must be kept in good repair as not to become unsightly.

All sheds to be 8×12 and must have natural earth colors (minimum quality if vinyl siding, no tin walls or fabric buildings)

All building on our bare land condominium unit regulations must also fall within the zoning and bylaws of the RM of Dufferin 190. Development & Building Permits must be submitted directly to management to review then management will forward to the RM.

Where is your main office?

Buffalo Pound Northshore Resorts

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